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Players Club "Comp" Program

As a player, you are automatically enrolled in Casino Australia's Players Club "Comp" Program, where you earn points for every bet you make (win or lose). The chart below summarizes the amount of "Comp" points you receive for each $10 bet:

Game Points
Baccarat 1
Blackjack 2
Spice Island (Caribbean) Poker 4
Craps 1
Paigow Poker 3
Red Dog 4
Euro Roulette 3
American Roulette 4
Slots 5
Video Keno 7
Video Poker 2
Video Slots 5
Let It Ride Poker 2
Multi-Player Let-It-Ride Poker 2
Multi-Player Blackjack 2
Multi-Player Baccarat 1
Multi-Player Spice Island Poker 4
Multi-Player Euro Roulette 3

For example: If you bet a total of $2,000 playing Blackjack, you will earn 400 points. If your game is Keno, a total bet of $2,000 will earn you 1400 points.

"Comp" points accumulate monthly and are automatically credited to your Ecash account on the 25th of each month (on the basis of $1 for each 100 points). If you have fewer than 2,000 points on the 25th of any month, your points will roll-over into the next month.

Note: "Comp" points are only paid to active enabled accounts.

To view your current "Comp" points click here!

Have fun playing and watch your points build up!