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Ecash Information

General Information
Credit Card Transactions
Cheque Transactions
Wire Transfers
NETeller Transactions
Money Gram Transactions
ECP Transactions
Western Union Transactions
Ecash FAQ
General Information
  • Our Ecash provider is Ecash Direct (UK) Limited.
  • All deposits transactions are executed in US funds.
  • Withdrawals can be executed in US Dollars, British Pounds, or the Euro.
  • There is a minimum deposit of US$20.
  • You will need a PIN to make withdrawals from your Ecash account.
  • Accounts that have not been used in a 90-day period are subject to a monthly $2 dormancy fee. Please note: Accounts with a balance of $0 will not incur this fee.
  • Ecash Direct reserves the right to determine the manner, whether by credit card (and to which one or more of your credit cards), cheque, NETeller or combination of these methods, by which money can be withdrawn.
  • Ecash Direct reserves the right to combine your different accounts into one for payment purposes.
  • Ecash Direct reserves the right to set the transaction minimum, transaction maximum, and accumulative withdrawals from the system.

Credit Card Deposits
  • In order to make deposits by credit card, you must first register the card you would like to use in the Register/Change Credit Card section of the Cashier.
  • You may only register one credit card at a time. (You will not be able to change the registered credit card until you withdraw all funds from your Ecash account.)
  • Ecash Direct accepts Visa and MasterCard.
  • Money deposited by credit card will be available in your Ecash account in approximately 30 seconds.
  • The deposit maximum is $500 per transaction.
  • You can deposit a total of $1,000 without a PIN. You may deposit an additional $2000 using your temporary PIN, which is sent to you via email.
  • Once you have deposited a total of $3,000 you will need to enter your permanent PIN for each subsequent credit card deposit you make for the lifetime of the account.
  • The deposit maximum is US$5,000 per week.
  • Ecash deposits will be submitted to your credit card company as a purchase (not a cash advance) from Ecash Direct. In some cases, credit card companies (banks) will treat casino deposits as cash advances, even though they are submitted as purchases. It is a good idea to check with your credit card company to find out how they will classify charges from Ecash Direct.
  • There is no service charge to deposit money via credit card.
Credit Card Withdrawals
  • You will be required to input your permanent PIN for all withdrawal transactions.
  • You may only withdraw the amount you deposited back to your credit card. Any additional funds (or winnings) must be collected by cheque. For example, if you deposited $50 by credit card, and then won $100 in the casino, your total Ecash balance would be $150. If you wanted to withdraw the entire sum, you would have to withdraw $50 back to your credit card, and collect the extra $100 by cheque.
  • The above policy does not apply to MasterCard users. As of 9 December 2002, MasterCard does not allow withdrawals from Ecash Direct. Instead, MasterCard users may withdraw funds via cheque.
  • The withdrawal minimum is $20, or the rest of your balance if less than $20.
  • Money withdrawn to a credit card will be debited in about 10 seconds, and will usually be available in your credit card account in 5 business days.
  • There is a $1 fee to withdraw funds via credit card. This fee does not apply to customers that have a balance of less than $20 who withdraw their entire balance.

Cheque Deposits
  • Cheques must be drawn in US Dollars.
  • Money deposited by cheque will be available in your Ecash account upon receipt of the cheque by Ecash Direct.
  • There is no service charge to deposit money via cheque.
  • The deposit maximum is $10,000 per week.
  • To make a deposit, follow these simple instructions:
    1. Click on the Deposit button in the Cashier, and select the Cheque button.
    2. Type in the amount you are depositing, making sure to write the same amount on the cheque.
    3. Type in your full name, the cheque number (found in the top right corner of the cheque), and your chequing account number (the last 5 to 7 digits on the bottom line of the cheque) in the appropriate fields.
    4. In the memo field and on the back of the cheque, please write your 6 or 7 digit Ecash account number.
    5. Make the cheque payable to Ecash Direct (UK) Limited, and sign it.
    6. Send your cheque to the following address:
      Level 7 Westec House
      Westgate Road
      Ealing, London
      W5 1YZ
      United Kingdom
  • The address of the cheque must match the address you used when you registered your account with the Casino. If the information does not match, the cheque cannot be deposited into your account.
  • Allow 5 to 15 business days for your cheque to be received by Ecash Direct. Estimated time of arrival will vary depending on the geographical location your cheque is being sent from.
  • Please note, any service fees incurred by Ecash Direct as a result of uncleared cheques will be deducted from your Ecash account.

Cheque Withdrawals
  • Money deposited by cheque will not be available for transfer or withdrawal until 30 days after it has been received by Ecash Direct and deposited into your account.
  • Click on the Withdrawal button in the Cashier of the casino, and select the Cheque tab. Fill in your PIN, the amount you wish to withdraw, and the currency (US Dollar, British Pound, or Euro) in the appropriate fields.
  • If you have made a deposit by credit card, you must withdraw that amount back to your credit card before you can withdraw any funds by cheque. For example, if you deposited $100 by credit card, and then won $50 in the casino, you would first have to withdraw the original $100 back to your credit card, and then you can withdraw the extra $50 by cheque.
  • The minimum amount of withdrawal is $20, or the remaining cleared account balance if less than $20.
  • Cheques are drawn from a European bank (located in England).
  • Cheques are delivered by regular mail unless the amount is over $1,000. Cheques/money orders over $1,000 will be delivered via Federal Express, free of charge. Federal Express does not deliver to post office boxes.
  • Generally, cheques are sent out within 5 business days.
  • Some withdrawals may require address verification. You will be contacted by Ecash Direct if an address verification is necessary to process your withdrawal.

Wire Transfer Deposits
  • To perform a wire transfer deposit, you do not need to access the Ecash software. Instead, you must complete a bank wire transfer document. This is a document available from your bank. The document must be completed with instructions to transfer funds to:
    • Ecash Direct (UK) Limited
      Natwest Bank
      Holborn Commercial Business Centre
      P.O. Box 204
      1 Hatton Garden
      EC1P 1DU
      BRANCH NAME: Holborn Circus
      BRANCH SORT CODE: 600004
      ACCOUNT NUMBER: USD-0816-1011
    • Your six or seven digit Ecash account number must be referenced on the bank wire transfer document.
  • The minimum deposit is $20.
  • There is a maximum per month deposit limit of $20,000. This is the largest amount of money that Ecash Direct will post to your Ecash account by wire transfer during a single calendar month. Additional funds will be posted to your Ecash account at the beginning of the following month.
  • The deposited funds are available for use immediately upon completion of the deposit by Ecash Direct. The fee for using this service is priced by the sender's bank.

Wire Transfer Withdrawals
  • Money deposited by wire transfer may be withdrawn by cheque or wire transfer.
  • To withdraw by cheque, follow the instructions for Cheque withdrawals, listed above.
  • To withdraw by wire transfer, you must contact Ecash Direct by phone. Ecash Direct can be reached at 1-877-874-0274 (for North American callers) or +800-0874-0274 (for International callers). A representative will ask for your name, Ecash Direct account number, PIN, and withdrawal amount. You will also need to have the following bank information available:
    • Name of Bank
    • Complete Bank address
    • Branch sort code (UK banks only)
    • SWIFT code (Non-UK banks)
    • Routing # / ABA # (non-UK banks)
    • Name on Bank account
    • Bank account number
    • Intermediary bank information (if applicable)
  • The fee for wire transfer withdrawals is $40 if the withdrawal is less than $5,000. For withdrawals of $5,000 or more, there is no service fee.

NETeller Deposits
  • Only one NETeller account can be used to deposit funds into your Ecash account.
  • Current deposit limits are displayed in the Cashier within the Transaction Term Summary on the right-hand side of the NETeller Deposit screen.
  • NETeller determines the maximum per transaction limit and ECash Direct determines the maximum funds available for withdrawal.
  • To make a deposit via NETeller, follow these simple steps:
    1. Click on the Deposit button in the Cashier, and select the NETeller option.
    2. Select NETeller regular deposit or NETeller instaCASH.
    3. Enter the amount you would like to transfer from your NETeller account to your Ecash account.
    4. Enter your NETeller Account and Secure ID (and Bank Account # if you have selected instaCASH).
    5. Click "Proceed".
    6. Review your transaction and click "Confirm".
  • Approved funds will immediately be credited to your Ecash account.

NETeller Withdrawals
  • In order to make a NETeller withdrawal, you must have used NETeller to make a deposit to your Ecash account.
  • You are permitted to withdraw above the amount you originally deposited to your Ecash account using NETeller.
  • Your NETeller Secure ID and Ecash PIN are required in order to authenticate the transaction from ECash Direct to NETeller.
  • NETeller funds withdrawn from your Ecash account are available for withdraw from your NETeller account the next business day.
  • There is a $1 fee to withdraw funds via NETeller. This fee does not apply to customers that have a balance of less than $20 who withdraw their entire balance.

Money Gram Transactions
  • At this time, Ecash Direct is not accepting Money Gram deposits.

Electronic Check Processing (ECP) Transactions
  • Unfortunately, at this time, Electronic Check Processing is not available for persons living outside of the United States.

Western Union Transactions
  • At this time, Ecash Direct is not accepting Western Union deposits.

Ecash Frequently Asked Questions

I reinstalled the software and registered the same user name and password, but now the system says my account balance is $0 when I know I still had money in there.
When you reinstalled the software, the system created an entirely new account for you and overwrote your old account, even if you registered the same user name and password. You can regain access to your old account through one of two methods.

If you saved your old user information to disk, you'll be able to access your old account by completing the following steps:

  1. Insert the floppy diskette with the User Information into your computer's disk drive.
  2. Click on the 'Option' button on the casino log-in screen.
  3. Select your floppy drive, and click 'Restore'.
If you do not have your old user information saved to diskette, you can reinstall the software and click the "Activate" button when you open the casino program for the first time. You will need to enter your old account number, username and password in order to regain access to your account.

How can I get a record of deposits and withdrawals I've made from my account?
Click on 'Statement' in the Cashier and a dialog box will appear. In the 'Balance Summary' you will be able to view your current balance. To view individual transactions, click on the Current Statement button. This will show you all transactions since you last viewed this statement. Note: After viewing the Current Statement, we advise printing the page out for future reference as this information will not be available for viewing after you close the statement window. For a $1 fee, you may view all of your transactions for the month by clicking on the Monthly Statement button.

How can I be sure that the money in my Ecash account is safe?
Your account can only be accessed with a unique user name and password. All deposits are held in an FDIC or CDIC insured North American Bank For more information, please see the Security section of our website.

How can I increase my credit limit to deposit more than the current deposit maximums?
You may apply for a personal limit increase once you have an established credit history with our Ecash provider, Ecash Direct (UK) Limited. Simply send a blank e-mail to credit.request@ecashdirect.net. In return, you will receive an email containing all of the pertinent information for your credit application.

I tried to change the credit card I had registered in my Ecash account, but the system would not let me.
Before you can change your registered credit card, you must first withdraw any funds you have in your Ecash account. Once your account balance is $0, you may register a different credit card.

I want to cancel my account with the casino. What do I do?
To close your Ecash account, you must contact our Ecash provider, Ecash Direct (UK) Limited, via telephone. Their offices can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-877-874-0274 (from North America) or +800-0874-0274 (internationally). If you do not wish to receive future newsletters or notices of upcoming contests and promotions, please send an email with a subject line of "No Thanks" to support@casinoaustralia.com. You will promptly be removed from our mailing list.